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Oxyor was established in 2003 primarily to do training for investment banks. In 2007 we started our simulations development department which became a market leader within 5 years. We are proud to deliver state of the art tools for a wide range of solutions. Over the last decade our simulations have been used (and well received) globally by leading training companies, professional traders and market makers, fund managers, executives from central banks and the insurance sector.

In 2008 the TradersTrophy started a revolution in online financial gaming. The TradersTrophy is now positioned in more than 40 countries across the world with over 10,000 students competing annually. In 2018 The TradersTrophy was re-branded to The Financial Games in order to facilitate more areas of finance worldwide. From 2019 The Financial Games will provide recruitment tools that will enable recruiters from financial institutions to easily select top talent from all over the world.

In addition to our wide range of simulations we provide white labelled learning management and evaluation systems.




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