Bank manager

In the BankManager simulation, the participants will take the role of executive management in a typical bank over a (fictive) period of 10 years. During the BankManager simulation they will come across different economic conditions, changes in interest rates, inflation and asset returns. They will also experience funding issues alongside the changing behaviour of loans to corporate clients and private individuals.


In the BankManager simulation the participants have to manage the balance sheet of the bank, comply with Central Bank and Basel I/II/III regulation and manage the interests of all stakeholders. They will have to balance funding and investments throughout various economic conditions.

As a result participants will gain from the BankManager simulation an in-depth understanding of the most important issues when managing the balance sheet of bank, what the different risks are and how to manage these.

  Key issues covered

  • Setting and management of a bank's objectives

  • Funding the balance sheet

  • Risk management, both through ‘normal’ economic cycles and ‘unexpected shock’ scenarios

  • Balance the interest of all stakeholders

  • Interpretation of macroeconomic data and economic news

  • Decision making under economic uncertainty

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements


The trainer or (optional) instructor will interact with the participants by analysing their strategy and performance and give continuous feedback. During and after a BankManager session the participants are reviewed both as a group (the excutive board of a bank) and individually by a trainer or instructor on specific aspects including the following:

  • Funding strategy

  • Assessing credit risk

  • Handling and meeting of objectives

  • Satisfying the interests of stakeholders

  • Risk management

  • Knowledge and awareness of economic developments

  • Reaction to market changes

  • Asset management


The BankManager simulation is internet based and usually runs over a period of one to three days. Each round may take from 15 to 60 minutes per day. After each round 'played' the participants have increasingly more banking areas to focus on and more decisions to take. During a BankManager session a period of 10 years is simulated. The duration can also be extended to several weeks so that the simulation runs in parallel with for example a trainee programme. Each session can be adjusted to match the participants’ experience and time available.

A standard session would require either one hour’s worth of e-learning or classroom presentation before the start of the BankManager simulation.

After a BankManager simulation session, the group feedback (optional) takes on average two hours. Individual feedback (optional) can range from ten minutes to one hour per participant depending on the required depth of coaching.


Simulation brochure (pdf)