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The Mastering Wealth Management Programme is an interactive and above all practical programme. You interact with the experts and other participants through face to face and online training, meetings and materials and you take part in group meetings and discussions. The programme pushes you to actively get involved because even if you outsource your investment decisions, you will still need to understand what the asset manager is doing with your money.

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We are confident that, by following this programme, you will be able to make sound investment decisions yourself, should you so wish.

By the end of the programme, we expect that you will have reached the same level as many professional investors. In order to achieve this goal participants will take part in simulations and completing assignments. Your own investment portfolio plays a central role in the simulations and guidance. Our optimally customised programme allows you to put everything you have learned into immediate practice.

Why a Mastering Wealth Management Programme?

Among investors around the globe there is a great need for better knowledge of, and insight into, the financial markets and (responsible) investments. In the current financial climate, this need has become even greater.

Today's financial markets are more volatile than ever and just as diffuse and unpredictable as the weather. More than ever before, you and other investors are confronted with innumerable questions and challenges. The constantly changing market prices indicate that it is difficult – even for most professionals – to determine a long-term trend. The investment selection and the timing of buying and selling are clearly the most difficult aspects, even for professional players. It is precisely this that makes investors so insecure. Who can you, or should you, believe and trust? Why do the opinions of experts vary so greatly?

Today’s financial markets are more volatile than ever and just as diffuse and unpredictable as the weather.

Your benefits?

After following the Mastering Wealth Management Programme, you can expect to:

• Know how the international financial markets and products work;
• Know how portfolio management works and which portfolio strategies exist;
• Understand option strategies and be able to apply them to your own situation;
• Understand how (active and passive) portfolio strategies work in your own situation;
• Know and experience what the relationship is between risk and return;
• Be able to estimate the value of price patterns and select fund managers;
• Know and experience that your own behaviour is an essential factor in the whole process (‘behavioural finance’);
• Handle your own investments with confidence;
• Involve others for support in an efficient way;
• Detect (worldwide) market trends and act on them

How do we do this?

During the programme you will gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of investing for the short, medium and/or long term. We show you how to gather and use information and knowledge about markets and products in a professional way. In this way, you will learn how to invest at a level that is at least equivalent to that of the majority of professional investors in the market.

Throughout the duration of the programme, you will manage investments in your own virtual portfolio by using our PortfolioTrader simulation. This is available via online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • Every week, you will participate in an online market analysis session lasting between one and two hours at a time. In this session the market developments of the previous week will be analysed. Time is allotted for your input in a Q&A moment at the end of each session. 
  • Every week, you will receive a detailed commentary on developments (or the lack of them) in your virtual investment portfolio. You will receive professional guidance from top experts and will be expected to explain all your trading transactions and choices. In this way both the experts and you will learn to identify your personal do’s and don’ts. 
  • Every week, the experts will be available to help you with your investment portfolio, deal with questions on (new) topics or to explain topics in greater depth. They provide active instructions via the Internet and are actively at your disposal during the week.

Topics may include:

  • Understanding financial markets (money flows, products, players and risks);
  • Overview of the most important investment categories and products;
  • Comparison of the return and risk of different investment categories;
  • Importance and (dis)advantages of the ‘asset mix’;
  • Determination of the value of investment products;
  • Technical analysis; 
  • Fundamental assessment of companies and their various risks;
  • Behavioural finance: ‘overconfidence’, ‘cold feet’ ‘mental accounting’ ‘framing’ and ‘loss aversion’
  • Portfolio impacts of economic developments;
  • Relation between economics and sentiment.

More information

Oxyor is working together with local partners and an international group of experienced trainers to ensure that participants get the most benefits of the investor programmes.  


For the Benelux please contact our local partner:  TIAS SCHOOL FOR BUSINESS AND SOCIETY


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