At Oxyor, we believe that Training is the ultimate tool in unlocking a person’s full potential. Training is the way to explore possibilities rather than focus on limitations. In Training we provide solutions for financial institutions and training companies covering the following four concepts:

  • Graduates
  • Private and professional investors
  • Continuous learning
  • Executive Masters

We have also developed a set of Tools that are key for any successful training programme. 



The Investor Programmes are interactive and above all practical programmes. You interact with the experts and other participants through face to face and/or online.


graduate programmes

Oxyor has successfully developed Graduate training programmes to partner with leading financial training firms, financial institutions and universities globally.



Research and experience over the years has shown that, in order for training partners to be more effective, it has to be highly interactive with limited "lecturing" involved.



Oxyor has joined its resources and expertise with various business schools around the world to collaborate on  executive masters programmes in finance.